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Data loss prevention is more important than ever. Here’s why we’re reinventing it.

In the past few years Data Loss Prevention (DLP) has seen a major resurgence, and that’s expected to continue. A DLP solution that is limited to protecting data from well-meaning or malicious insiders is no longer sufficient. The demand for data protection within your enterprise continues to grow, as does the variety of threats challenging your security team. Given today’s evolving threat landscape and shortage of security talent, buyers are demanding vendors do more.

Delivering Threat Aware Data Protection to Safeguard Your Sensitive Data from ALL THREATS

Digital Guardian is responding to the need to do more by expanding our product scope from the traditional insider focused DLP into broader awareness of threats, combined with the forensic artifact collection required to fully assess the risks to your data. Leveraging our new Analytics & Reporting Cloud service, the DG Data Protection Platform now provides a single product suite that detects threats and stops data exfiltration from both well-meaning and malicious insiders as well as external adversaries. By converging DLP and endpoint detection and response, you have one less endpoint agent to manage and one less console to monitor.

Our purpose-built, cloud-native architecture utilizes streaming data from DG endpoint agents and network sensors to provide deep visibility into system, data and user events. That deep visibility powers security analyst-approved dashboards that provide information security analysts, incident responders and threat hunters with the context they need to identify, respond to and remediate threats to your sensitive data faster and more efficiently - regardless of the threat.

This unified solution delivers the product consolidation CISOs must demand. Our platform puts your most sensitive information assets at the center of all data protection, activity monitoring and endpoint detection and response activities.

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